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Junior Certificate Syllabus

This course covers a wide range of topics that inform the students about business in both a personal and business environment. This will provide the students with essential life skills which are necessary to manage a household in later life. It will also provide them with the basic knowledge they will need to pursue the business subjects at senior cycle.

Topics covered at Junior Certificate level include:
Consumer, Banking, Insurance, Budgeting, Communication, Employment & I.R. Issues, Marketing, Business Plans & Reports, Documents, Business Organisations, Business Finance, Economics, Book-keeping for different types of business organisations.

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Transition Year Syllabus

The Transition Year Business Studies programme endeavours to provide students with opportunities to increase and improve their personal and social skills through the use of a continuous set of busines-related learning experiences.

Developing an awareness of enterprise, enterprise skills and qualities forms an integral part of this programme. Participation in the Moy Valley Schools Enterprise Programme, which runs for four weeks, enables each student to explore entrepreneurship. The compilation of a Business Plan and its submission for adjudication offers a “real-world” challenge to the students. Students are also afforded the opportunity of participating in a “Small Business Boot Camp for Budding Entrepreneurs”. This one day workshop is run by the Mayo County Enterprise Board and it helps the students to identify their talent in coming up with a successful business idea, bringing it through the various stages until product/service launch and ending with its presentation.

Students increase their knowledge of various aspects of business through visits from speakers who relate their experiences of the world of work.

Other topics covered are legislation and how it relates to consumers, employees and business organisations, budgeting and the role of MABS as well as relevant current affairs. Skills fostered in this Business Studies programme include communication, teamwork, presentation, critical analysis and informed decision-making.

On completion of this programme, the students are enabled to make a more informed choice about the senior cycle business subjects: Business, Accounting, Economics.

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