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Development News

Development News

Our link with James Stephens Hurling Club continues to flourish with pitch and changing room development. Thanks to Bernard Guthrie and all at the club for their help in draining and realigning the pitch, providing new goalposts and retaining nets. The dressing rooms have also been upgraded.

Plans are being finalised for the provision of a soccer pitch, a training pitch, a rugby pitch and an all-weather pitch.

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A text and email service is available to parents and students.

Sincere gratitude is also extended to Bishop John Fleming for his encouragement and financial support.

St. Muradechs’ College renews its welcome to the Karen Community and congratulates them on their horticultural development in the Bishop’s Orchard.

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Other News:

During the summer we have installed a new gas heating system which should be more efficient as well as saving money. We are currently installing a new computer room which will make IT more accessible to all students.

We have also developed a new soccer pitch as well as an all-weather pitch and new tennis courts.

There has also been a major refurbishment of the gym including a new heating system.

The new gym provided by the parents association will also be in use this year and will available for use by parents and past pupils in the evenings. Watch this space!

Extra car parking facilities are now in place.

Each classroom now has its own digital projector; this will enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Work has been completed on draining the soccer pitch.

The new roof on the school is now complete.

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