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German is taught to every student in First Year after which it is frequently chosen as a subject for the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate examinations. The central aim of the German syllabus is to help foster an appreciation of the German language – the second most widely-spoken first language in Europe.

The Junior Certificate German Examination places great emphasis on aural (listening) competence with 43.75% of a student’s total mark allocated to that skill. Writing and reading skills are also tested. The language skills learned at Junior Cycle are built on and developed at Senior Cycle. At Leaving Certificate, all four language-learning skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) are tested.

Apart from developing basic communicative proficiency, we also aim to make our students much more aware of German culture and everyday life (
Landeskunde). This is enhanced through project work, visits by German speakers and trips to German events in the locality (usually organized by the Goethe Institut). It is planned to organise a tour to Germany for students in the very near future.

On 15 May 2007 the German Inspectorate at the Department of Education & Science inspected German as a subject in our school. The subsequent very positive report can be accessed at

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