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St. Muredach’s College offers students the opportunity to develop their potential in the subject of music.

Classes are available to all first year students on Tuesday after school. Students will be given the opportunity to carry music as an examination subject to Junior Certificate Level.

The first year programme consists of the following:

  • Rhythm - students will be introduced to the basic rhythm values i.e. crotchet, minim, semibreve, quaver.
  • Notation - students will learn how to read the lines and spaces on the treble and bass clef.
  • Instruments of the Orchestra – students will become familiar with the four sections in the Orchestra and be able to identify the instruments belonging to each family.
  • Instruments – students will be taught to play the tin-whistle or recorder and will be able to perform a selection of tunes by the end of the year.

For more information please contact us.

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