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Religious Education

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Religious Education

RE Programme
Junior Cycle
Transition Year
Senior Cycle

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Religious Education Programme

The Religious Education Programme in St. Muredach’s College has been designed to assist each of our students move towards maturity of faith. This programme is continually developed and renewed to take account of the changing nature of our modern society. Despite these changes, it is the ambition of St. Muredach’s College to help our students appreciate and experience that while our earthly environment may be subject to change, the love of God and the challenge of Jesus to build the Kingdom of God is unchanging. A core aim of any Christian religious education programme is to help students discover the unlimited love and compassion of Jesus Christ. Our programme is taught by a combination of qualified lay and religious staff.

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Junior Cycle

All our students follow the Junior Certificate syllabus and sit the Junior Certificate Religious Education exam in June. This course seeks to promote an understanding and appreciation of why people believe, as well as tolerance and respect for the values and beliefs of all. The syllabus is built around a framework of knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes. The course makes particular, but not exclusive, reference to the Christian tradition, acknowledging the unique role of this tradition and its denominational expressions in Irish life. The course can be taken at both Honours and Ordinary levels. The areas of study in this course are:

  • Communities of Faith
  • Foundations of Religion - Christianity
  • Foundations of Religion - Major World Religions
  • The Question of Faith
  • The Celebration of Faith
  • The Moral Challenge

Subject Aims:

  • To foster awareness that each human search for meaning is common to all peoples, of all ages and at all times.
  • To explore how this search for meaning has found, and continues to find expression, in religion.
  • To identify how understandings of God, religious traditions, and in particular the Christian tradition, have contributed to the culture in which we live, and continue to have an impact on personal lifestyle, interpersonal relationships between individuals and their communities and contexts.
  • To appreciate the richness of religious traditions and to acknowledge the non-religious interpretation of life.
  • To contribute to the spiritual and moral development of the student.

Subject Objectives:

  • There are six sections in the Religious Education syllabus for Junior Certificate students.
  • Each section has its own objectives. These objectives can be found in the syllabus included in each folder.
  • The yearly content plans contain the sections pertaining to the respective years.

Assessment for the Junior Certificate Religion exam includes 20% for project and journal work, which is submitted prior to the terminal exam. Project titles are provided by the Department of Education each year and we aim to complete the bulk of this work in 2nd year.

The text books currently being used is:
Religion for Living by Connie Duffy

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Transition Year

During this year of ‘transition’ for our students, the Religious Education department introduces Team Teaching into its Programme. In the course of this year each student studies two courses under the guidance of different teachers. The common link in this programme is ‘Justice’ as the students spend two 15-week modules examining issues of Justice a) in Ireland and b) in the Developing World.The Religious Education department has worked closely with the coordinators of Transition Year to design class based programmes that add a Christian vision and challenge to the major projects that our students undertake in the course of this year. These projects include:

  • Trócaire
  • Samaritan’s Purse
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Alan Kearns Project: Cheshire Home for the Physically Disabled
  • Cheshire Orphanage Project
  • Fr. Peter McVerry Trust – supporting young homeless people in Ireland to break the cycle of homelessness and move towards independent living through the provision of a continuum of care services.

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Senior Cycle

These two years will constitute the final religious education formation that many of our young people will receive. The Religious Education department has designed a Senior Cycle programme that addresses many of the core issues of Christian faith and living.
The courses presented to the students are based on the following areas:

  • The Sacraments of the Catholic Church
  • Christology and the Church
  • Catholic teaching on issues of justice
  • World Religions
  • Relationships
  • Theology, Faith and Prayer

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