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Whole School Evaluation

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Whole School Evaluation

St. Muredach's College recently underwent a Whole School Evaluation by The Department of Education, This is a synopsis of that report done by the School Development Planning Initiative (SDPI). The full report can be accessed on the Department website.

Mission Vision Aims

  • Mission: Why is the school in existence?
  • Vision: Where are you going as a school? What is your desired future?
  • Aims: How will this future be achieved? What aims/goals do you need to identify?

Framework of WSE Report

  • Quality of School Management
  • Quality of School Planning
  • Quality of Curriculum Provision
  • Quality of Teaching and Learning
  • Quality of Student Support

WSE Report February 2008: Quality of School Management

  • The staff at the College ‘expects the best of and for’ the students in their care.
  • …events acknowledging students’ successes are to be commended…
  • The school's admission policy is open and inclusive and supports the principles of equality for all students…

Quality of School Management Board of Management

  • Trustee is putting formal reporting procedures in place between the board and the trustee
  • Decisions are reached through consensus that reflects a collaborative and fair approach
  • The board is engaged in policy development
  • Parents have an input into some policy areas

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In-school Management

  • Principal & Deputy Principal…wealth of knowledge and understanding to their roles…highly visible throughout the school…open & collaborative approach
  • Senior management…management structures are in a period of transition…strategies for its future development are needed
  • Middle management…strong commitment…good balance is maintained between duties…roles are clearly defined


  • Good systems of communications exist between senior management and staff
  • Quality of staff-student relations contributes significantly to the disciplined learning environment in the school
  • Student Council…two-way flow of information (suggestion box)…Nurturing of student involvement
  • Mentoring Programme


  • Annual parent-teaching meetings with all year groups including TY
  • Active parents’ association
  • Well developed links with the local community

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  • Teachers’ professional development is supported
  • Excellent deployment of support personnel
  • Teachers use of visual and motivational learning environments
  • A number of teachers are attending evening computer courses

Quality of school planning

  • Six priority areas identified (’02)- communications & PR, curriculum, extra curricular activities, student enrolment, student’s participation and pastoral care- many of the short and medium term targets have been achieved…management & staff good work
  • Policy formulation and subject department planning
  • Support & guidance of SDPI
  • Appropriate steps have been taken to develop child protection policy in line with the national guidelines

Quality of curriculum provision

  • Breadth and balance…it offers in meeting the needs of the students
  • TY programme provides a broad educational experience
  • Programmes…curricular plans have been developed in various subject areas
  • Provision of LCA
  • 1 years…6-8 week settling-in period in which they can change subjects…information evening
  • Subject choice…student centred approach at senior cycle
  • Co-curricular & extra-curricular activities-teachers & school management deserve the highest praise…

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Quality of teaching and learning in subjects

  • Subject department meetings are held during the year & records maintained
  • Co-ordinators of subject departments are in place
  • Teachers commitment to collaborative planning
  • Learning Outcomes…included in subject planning
  • Lessons…well planned, organised & managed…integrated approach to lesson presentation…effective teaching & learning methodologies…positive student behaviour…language/questioning/teacher developed resources…engaged the students…very good rapport between teachers & students
  • Setting common assessments & common components to examination papers

Quality of Support for students

  • Tradition of discrete support for students who require financial support
  • Guidance…open support for students & parents
  • Pastoral care policy… Senior management meet formally with the year heads on a regular basis…policy includes performance criteria & stipulates that the policy be reviewed every year
  • School intercom…acknowledge & congratulating current & past pupils
  • Student council & mentoring system

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